5 tips that will help your clothes last longer.

Jan 5, 2019

Winters are a time when your clothes dont smell of sweat and are generally less dirty; but it is also a time when clothes worn everyday are plentiful which makes laundry piles so much more huge. The way you do your summer laundry is quite different from the way you treat your winter clothes, as the materials used during both seasons are very different. This requires different approach to be used for both. So whether you are looking for the best washing machine, or the best washing machine semi automatic to be more precise, Alfa Electronics is definitely the best electronics dealer near you with the finest appliances. Here are 5 winter washing tips that could make your winter clothes stay feeling like new for a long time.

  1. Wash in Cold Water: Resist the temptation of washing in hot water as this may harm your woollen or delicate clothes. Wool may shrink, acrylic sweaters may get deformed, synthetics may permanently crinkle and colours may bleed when you use hot water. Many of your winter items need to be dry cleaned. Check their labels and wash them so. A semi automatic washing machine is best for this as you can check mid cycle whether the wash temperature is fine.

  2. Gentle Dry: Choose a gentle spin drying cycle to retain the freshness of your clothes. Knitwear is especially liable to lose its shape when you tumble dry. You can machine wash jackets but remember to zip them up before you wash them.

  3. Wear, wear and wear again: The top layers can all be re-worn till they smell or are visibly dirty. So don't throw your jackets, sweaters and coats into the laundry pile just yet. This not just ensures your clothes last longer, you save on precious time spent drying them before you can wear them again.

  4. Spot clean Immediately: If you notice a stain, wash the affected area immediately. Use a detergent specially formulated for woollens. If the fabric is not suitable to be washed, give it to a dry cleaner and ask for the stain to be removed professionally.

  5. Dry with Care: Do not hang your delicate woollens out in direct sunlight for drying. Sweaters and other knitwear should not be hung at all and should instead be dried on a flat surface. Take a white towel and soak the excess water before laying it out on the flat surface. This helps them retain their shape.

Major Benefits of Teaching with a Smart Projector

Feb 21, 2019

Education today has gone beyond the retro styles of teaching, chalk & black boards were long ago taken over by Marker & Whiteboard. But the teaching style has scaled further now we are in the era of smart classes. In the age of interactive teaching writing on the boards is an age old concept. Nowadays parents simply opt for smart schools where teaching is conducted in the smart ways with use of computers, tablets, live streaming, projectors, and many other smart ways of teaching. It is a proven fact that audio visual medium of teaching registers much better than books and traditional teaching methods.

  1. Great for Engagement: Educational institutes try their best to come up with teaching ideas in which students can actively take part. In a smart class a lecture with a use of a projector creates interest of the students thus their curiosity goes up resulting in questions and doubts. Thus overall engagement in the classroom simply rises, making every lecture fun filled and a holistic learning experience.

  2. Various Mediums: Having a projector in your class opens doors to various mediums for teaching students. Displaying large texts documents makes it easy for students to focus, you have access to internet that means you can immediately search Google for out of the box questions of kids. You can always play learning videos for students which can give them clarity on any particular subject in depth. Learning games, quiz games, can also be a great medium for teaching your students.

  3. Presentations: It is really important to instill confidence among students and in order to achieve that, asking them for presentations is a great idea. With the help of a smart projector it not only becomes interesting for them but also helps them gain confidence. Students can also showcase their hidden talents or extra- curricular works like animation, paintings, photography, videography and many more through the smart projectors.

  4. Saves Paper: While on one hand we keep on telling students about taking care of the environment, saving trees, plant saplings and much more. On the other hand we make them prepare dozens of note books, for homework for class work, for rough work etc. This should be changed on immediate basis we must practice what we preach, period.

  5. Registration: The major benefit of teaching using a smart projector is that students are able to register what they are taught. Isn't that the major and main goal of teaching? Students at the end of the day must register what they are taught. Audi visual medium of teaching helps them understand well with undivided attention. So now that you are aware of all the benefits of using a smart projector you will tend to look for one, right? Though market is full of options but either they are highly expensive, of if cheap they low on quality. Thus you have a great option given by Alfa of premium quality smart projectors at very justified price. Take a look below!


May 16, 2019

Movies which made you cry to those football matches which made you jump on the couch, to those house parties where you had the best time of your life, this room has seen it all. A room with perfect sitting arrangement, an awesome sound system, where you can invite your friends over to watch the big game happening tonight. Stock up your refrigerators right away because we are about to tell you how to make your own home theater.

Why go out when you can get it at home. Why stress yourself on the weekend when you can happily spend it at home with your loved ones under one roof. Why burn your skin under the sun when you can enjoy it at the coolest place, that is your home. Why eat the unhealthy snack in the theater when you can cook yourself in your own kitchen. In short, why wander aimlessly in search of entertainment when it can be created at your own house.

Home entertainment is the application of technology and arts for private amusement and enjoyment. With the advancement of technology and innovation of new equipments each day people are accompanied by at least one device at a time. Be it our cell phones or headphones or led tv. We want entertainment all the time.

Home entertainment makes it easy for you. You can just have everything according to your comfort zone. You can decide the architecture of the room on your own. The material of the couhes, the color of the curtains, the position of the display devices, etc. All you need is a large television with video components and an audio system. You can either buy the components separately or all together at one time. It depends on your budget.

Components of a home theater :

  1. A display device: It can be a large tv or a screen and a video projector. It all depends on what you can afford. " The larger the better " is a complete myth. The size of the screen depends on the size of your room. So choose wisely. Alfa provides you best smart tv's under 30,000 and video projectors with best quality just under 20,000.

  2. Receiver : Your receiver connects your speakers, video input, and the display device. It is the central hub of your home theater system. Many receivers include their own speakers while others will have inputs that allow for any speakers to be used.An ideal receiver will also function as an amplifier, although separate amplifiers and even preamps are often utilized in some home theater systems. For most people, buying an all-in-one unit will be more than sufficient.

  3. The speakers: Audio is half of the fun of a home theater room. Investing in quality speakers will increase the immersion factor, allowing you and your guests to become lost in a movie or video game. Most home theater systems have two front speakers, two back speakers, one center speaker and a subwoofer. Speaker placement will vary based on multiple factors, meaning you'll likely have to experiment with different positions to determine what is right for you. Why to spend huge amount if you can get best Alfa multimedia speakers just under 10,000.

  4. The home theater room: The room that will become the home theater is one of the most important components of the entire operation. The shape of the room, the location of windows and position of entry points will each play a role in how the rest of the home theater system comes together.The chosen room should be as close to rectangular shape as possible. Low light rooms are also desirable, although light from windows can be quickly blacked out with the right curtains.Furniture and its position are also something that must be considered. Where will people be sitting? This further determines where the display device and the speakers will be placed.

  5. The surge protectors : Electricity is what makes all the magic happen, but electrical surges can be your worst enemy. Even the most cutting-edge electronics can still be rendered useless with an electrical surge.surge protectors simply protect your electrical devices from surges that might harm your whole setup.

Never before has our music sounded so good and our movies and favourite TV shows looked so sharp. Smart speakers now listen to our commands and queries while TVs that are bigger and thinner than ever can access an endless array of programming from the internet at the touch of a button. There's no excuse to ever be bored again - unless the power goes out.

Benefits of having home theater are endless. Majority of us prefer video entertainments in our homes due to our control over the following factors :

  1. Content : A home media room allows the viewer to pick what to watch and when to watch it, including giving them the ability to pause it for bathroom breaks or rewind if they missed something. The viewers can select from a wide variety of content, including old and new domestic and foreign films, TV shows, sports events, and documentaries.

  2. Environment : Room temperature, sound levels, and seating arrangements are set by the homeowner to meet their specific comfort. There are no "bad" seats in a home theater. You never have to worry about other people talking, stepping on your toes on the way to the bathroom, or distracting you with the lights and sounds of their smartphones. You can also have a healthy homemade snack while watching your movie.

  3. Audience:A video room allows a homeowner to choose those with whom they wish to share a TV show, movie, or video game. You can provide your friends and family with a great experience or have a private showing just for yourself on your own big screen.

  4. Amenities: The decor of a media room is as per the homeowner's taste. Having recliner similar to theater and exotic sound systems. The color combinations and coordination can be done in relevance to the latest trends. It is our personal wish to decorate it as per our needs and budget.

Surprised !

Oh yes ! ALFA brings you the benefit of building your own home entertainment cinema with all the latest technological equipments. Taking care of your budget we have come up with different range of products which provide you with the best experience that of similar to a theater. For this you can either buy the products separately or buy our exclusive ALFA home theater and sound bars system at minimal prices. We help you build a Home Theater at least possible expenses.